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Thursday, September 11, 2008

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Keeping Your Promises

There are numerous ways to build a sustainable income online -- But, there are even more ways to tarnish your reputation and lose it all.

One of the easiest ways to lose it all is by NOT keeping your promises that you are consistently making on your ads, and other marketing materials.

It's easy to get sucked into the Hypnotic copywriting techniques that many online marketers follow. I am all for hypnotic writing. I think it's a real blessing and a skill to communicate persuasively and in an interesting way.

But if you are making a promise to your market, make certain that you can deliver your part of the deal.

Affiliate marketers who promote 'make money' products have a tough time with this. They are sucked into the empty promises and hopes to make money by making the same promises that they themselves don't believe in.

My honest opinion is to try out a product yourself and learn to market it from your own experience.. This may take a little bit of time and effort, but once you start delivering the promises that you keep... you'll be rewarded for it many times over.

If you cannot find something that you cannot honestly believe you can deliver with affiliate products -- the only other option is to create your own. Something that you have control over.

7 Tips On How To be A Successful eBay Seller

For a growing number of entrepreneurs, eBay is their sole storefront. The beauty of eBay is that it lets you get into e-commerce without having to go through the trouble and expense of setting up an e-commerce site of your own. These seven eBay selling tips will help you get started selling on eBay successfully and get on your way to becoming an eBay PowerSeller.

1. A picture IS worth 1000 words. It's old-fashioned, but people still like to see things before they buy them. For successful eBay selling, make sure any products you list on eBay are accompanied by professional quality photographs.

2. Do your eBay research. When selling on eBay, before you list a particular product, spend some time researching other similar products on eBay and following the bidding process. This will help you gauge the interest for your product and help you determine how much your product might be worth.

3. Learn all about shipping. Shipping is under the control of the eBay seller, but some methods of shipping are better than others when you're selling on eBay. You want to find the best method of shipping for your product in terms of expense and reliability and then specify that shipping method in your eBay listing. (And don't forget to include the shipping cost in your shipping information for potential buyers.)

4. Pay as much attention to the writing of your eBay listing as to your picture. For selling on eBay, you need a powerful eBay listing. And the trick to writing a strong eBay listing is to combine search engine friendly phrasing with concrete details about the product in a way that will entice people to bid on your product. Take the time to craft your eBay listing just as you would any ad.

5. Offer a full slate of payment options, including credit cards. The more payment options you, as an Ebay seller, offer prospective bidders, the more bidders your product will attract and the more successful your selling on eBay will be.

6. Focus on getting positive feedback first. Feedback really matters when you're selling on eBay. If you have a consistent record of positive feedback, prospective buyers will both bid more often and be willing to pay higher prices. So you may want to hold back on placing higher priced products until you have a successful track record as an eBay seller established.

7. Be business-like. Act professionally, provide the kind of superior customer service that will build your reputation, and make sure that you're following all the business rules that apply, such as registering your business and properly charging and remitting taxes. Selling on eBay is just like any other business; to become an eBay success, you need to follow the rules and provide the kind of customer satisfaction that will translate into increased eBay sales.

Tips on how to generate sales from your Website

From what we have observed, niche websites seem to work better then the general store type. Having a website that focuses on a certain type of products will also allow you to enrich the content of your site and overtime you will get better ranking with the search engines.

To increase your sales from your website we recommend the following tips:

Customize your website to make it more unique to the search engines. It's important that you make those changes and then submit your website to the search engines.

For example you can add content to your home page with your own ads and texts that use keywords related to the type of products that you want to sell the most.

You can also write your own about us page with the same approach. Content is important so if you use your keywords in phrases across your website as well as similar words, then this will help you enrich the content of your site which will be appealing to the search engines.

Choose which products to put on your home page so your visitors will immediately see products that match the search keywords that you are using in your marketing campaigns.

Change the meta tags of your website with a title, description and keywords that match the types of products you put on your home page. Please make sure that your changes are consistent with the keywords you are using.

These types of changes will make your site more unique and this is important to get good results.

Exchange links with other websites by adding links to your site and by making sure that you get other website to add links back to your site. When you find another site that wants to exchange links with you, you can enter a link to their site by going to the customize / my links page to add their link. Please also make sure that they add a link back to your site on their website.

If you already have other websites then please take the time to do this on all your sites. The more links back to your website, the better and the higher rankings you will get with the search engines overtime.

List products on ebay and other sites to create sales momentum. Each time you sell a product you can tell your buyer about your new website. We also include banners to other auction sites as an alternative to ebay where you can list items with no listing fees. These banners are on the home page of the control panel.

Use eBay to generate traffic to your site. The easiest way to leverage your eBay traffic is to add an eBay "About Me" page. It's one of the least used features on eBay, and it has the potential to help you boost your sales and increase your name recognition amongst bidders.

Also, it is the one place on eBay where you are allowed to link to nearly any kind of website, including your own web store. Add a paragraph about your business and your ebay auctions to build trust with your potential new buyers.

To help drive people to your About Me page, place links to it in all your eBay listings.

When you add an eBay About Me page, a small red and blue "me" icon appears next to your eBay member ID wherever it is shown on eBay. Clicking on this icon displays your About Me page.

If you follow these guidelines you should see more sales coming through your website.


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