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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Seven 'Sunnah' Prophet Muhammad SAW

In everyday life there were times when we may have transgressed. Dirty imagination, speech and actions that do not make us right with God is always further away. But that we are human, not run away from mistakes .. and fortunately God will always open the door of repentance to us, so that we may continue the journey to the hereafter with more blessings. Let us always keep seven Sunnah of the Prophet every day. The seventh example of the Prophet SAW is:

Tahajjud - For the glory of a believer lies in 'tahajjudnya'. Simple prayer certainly fulfilled and make us closer to God.

Read the Qur'an before sunrise, before the eyes Ah, look at the world, should point to read the Qur'an in advance with full understanding. Most do not if any of us busy, read 3Qul verse, or sentence qursi.

Do not leave the mosque, especially at dawn. Before going where no Step into the mosque, because the mosque is the center of mas blessing, not as a call muadzin but God calls believers seeking to glorify God mas mosque.

Keep praying the sun 'Solat Dhuha', because the key things is the prayer the sun. Rest assured, the effects of the sun is very fierce in prayer bring sustenance.

Keep a charity every day. God loves those who like to donate, and always pray to the angels of God who give alms every day. Trust, a charity that is given will be rewarded by God many times over.

Keep ablution as God continues to love slave ablutions. Said the Caliph Ali bin Abu Talib, "People who always ablution always feel it will always pray but it is not prayer, and guarded by an angel with two prayers, forgive sin, and love him O God"

Practice forgiveness every second. With gold allergy occurred forgiveness for our sins will be kept away from God.
Remembrance is a proof of our gratitude to God. When we are not grateful, then we are not chanting could not, so every time should always be an appreciation in the performance of ritual worship and other religious teachings of Islam. Remembrance Day is also the most nutritious spiritual food, and with a variety of meditation can ditangkal up jauhlah evil people from the nature of which boils down to materialism and hedonism.